my guys

The one on the left? That’s my husband. My partner in life. The person I know I will grow old with. That I’ll be spending all my days with once my children have long left the house and started lives of their own.

The little guy on the right? He’s the one that has made me realize how big my heart really is. Before he came along, we were a family of three.  My heart was so incredibly full with love for my daughter that I worried (probably like many other soon-to-be-moms-of-two) how I could possibly love another child as much. But then he came along…in all his perfection, a little boy.

I had one sister growing up so although I was around little boys occasionally, I had never  observed my mother with a son. I was utterly, completely unprepared for the special place in your heart that only a son can hold. It’s just the way he needs me – it’s somehow different than how my daughter needs me.

And those big blue eyes and long eyelashes. Somehow they just look even more adorable on a little boy.

Sometimes when I see my husband and son together, I’m so grateful that C completed our family. Obviously we would have been thrilled to be blessed with another daughter as well. I just love seeing my two guys. Perhaps my husband feels the same way when he sees me with our daughter.

So grateful.


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