what a nice, full weekend

That’s what my husband said to me tonight, and boy was he right.  Our weekend was full of all the usual 3-day weekend “stuff” – outside play, inside chores, and a family BBQ.  But for some reason, it felt exceptionally long this time (in a good way).

We had great weather, and I think was the combination of this plus minimal plans that allowed us to really free-flow with the weekend. No birthday parties, no hard-core plans to do xy or z. I felt like we were really conscious of the kids – not in a rush to the next thing sort of way, but in a “what would you like to do after your nap today?” sort of way.

At the park, I put my phone away except to snap a few photos. I noticed every other parent on their phone (I’ll admit, I do that too at times). But I played. I mean I really PLAYED this time…climbed the rock wall with my daughter and swung along instead of just watching.

It taught me something – that I enjoyed the time at home much more, and appreciated my kids more when there was unstructured time to spend together. I think I’m going to make more of an effort to leave our weekends a bit more free…and say “no” to certain invitations and be okay with it.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend as much as we did!


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