Infusing joy


I hadn’t really thought about this until this word challenge (which I’ve never done, being a newbie to this site). But, I actually have something to say about it. 

It’s something I’ve been working on as a person and a mom. Infusing joy and happiness into whatever I do. I’ve noticed I may run into people that don’t seem happy…or seem to be in a rush….or are just having a bad day.  I also catch myself running from one task to another on the weekend. 

So I’ve been trying to slow down and infuse positive emotions into what I’m doing. With the kids – how do I turn an ordinary moment into something that brings them joy? And how do I use my interaction with a stranger at the grocery store to brighten their day?

I’ve found this is starting to fill my own bucket too…so I’m going to try really hard to focus on it going forward. 

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