Happy 7th, Dear Daughter

My dearest firstborn, happy 7th birthday to you!

This has been a year of many firsts. Your first real chapter book. Your first lost tooth. You can do cartwheels pretty well now. And the no handed ones that always give me a panic attack! Not to mention you worked so hard at school and at activities like swimming that you’re getting quite good at (you have a pretty decent butterfly!). You have blossomed in your role as big sister and your brother loves nothing more than to follow you around.
I hope you always remain as carefree as you were when I took this photo. But there were some firsts of self consciousness I saw creeping in this year too. For the first time you said you were worried someone would make fun of the JoJo cup you like to drink out of. You stand in front of the mirror, wet down your hair and try to brush out your beautiful curls so your hair is straight like your friends. For the first time you told me that you wished God didn’t make you as sensitive as you are.
My dear, big 7 year old you are perfect in every way that God created you. My heart breaks a little bit as you grow older not just because you are becoming more independent and less of a little girl with each year…but because I know that before long you’ll be tugging at your swimsuit in the mirror wondering how you measure up. There is no measure dear one – you were made to be exactly how you are and my love for you literally makes my heart feel as if it will burst.
For now, I love watching you carelessly twirl around until you are dizzy with tiny glimpses of your baby cheeks still visible here and there. And I treasure knowing that we have a little more time with you as our little girl.
Happy birthday dearest daughter. You are our everything. ❤

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