Andddddd he tried to climb out of the crib

I knew this day was coming. But he’s only 20 months old!

The crib is on the lowest setting of course.  But he is SUCH a climber.  My now 5 year old daughter S didn’t even try until she was well over 2. But C? All boy. This morning my daughter was in playing with him and she literally stopped him from climbing out and screamed for me.

Now what? I have a sleep sack I will make sure is on at ALL times when he’s in there, but I am at a loss because he’s WAY too young to sleep in a toddler bed. But, at the same time, I’m not willing to risk him getting injured climbing out.

I thought about putting the mattress on the floor – but in our case that wouldn’t be safe as there is a gap between what would be the top of the mattress and the bottom of the crib.


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