miracle behavior charts

We use a behavior chart at home. The one we like to use is similar to this:

We use it for 5 year old S. I like that we can switch out the behaviors and write in our own depending on what she needs to work on a little. We have a reward system set up too. But ours isn’t as good as her teacher’s.  It’s like the one at school is a miracle! And you know what the reward is that all the kids strive for? LUNCH WITH THE TEACHER. Brilliant.

It’s a vertical chart with colors. Everyone starts out the week on the color green, which is in the middle of the chart. Throughout the week, she tells you to move your clothespin up or down depending on what is going on. You help a friend tie her shoes – you move up . If you are on purple (3 colors up and the highest on the chart) at the end of the day Friday, you eat lunch with the teacher one day the following week. If you are on red (3 colors down and the lowest on the chart) – you get a call home from the teacher.

The kids LOVE it. They talk about it constantly. And we’re almost 2 months into the school year and there is no sign of it wearing off. It’s like a miracle.  Part of it is not wanting to disappoint the teacher, but part of it is that amazing rewards.  Kindergarten teachers sure know what they are doing.

I think I’m going to give something like this a try in my home!


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