today, we made a mess

As the days fly by and get shorter, I am more and more conscious of how fast time is going by.  I think it really took having kids to realize how fast it truly flies. So today, C and I took some time to paint.

We often have Pandora’s Toddler Radio on in the house (especially on weekends when we’re all home). I feel like I have memories that will remain etched in my mind today of this morning; sweet toddler music playing while little one discovered the joy of fingerpainting.

He wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first (and yes he did try eating it, of course it was non-toxic!). But I’m guessing it didn’t taste good as he only did it once.

I think it was great from a sensory experience, and fun for he and I to do together. He made two masterpieces…which are still drying but are dated for his art bin that we’ve started.

Loved it!

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