the training wheels are off

I put little one to bed tonight and jumped in for a quick shower before it was time to put my older one down.  I heard something outside my window and looked down to see this.


My daughter has asked my husband to take her training wheels off.  I couldn’t believe it…I have distinct memories of my dad running after me, holding on to the back of my Huffy bike while I learned to balance.  And now here is my daughter, maybe slightly younger than I was, doing the same thing with her daddy.

I don’t have any photos of my dad teaching me (that I’ve seen, at least, in any of my parents’ albums). So I zoomed and grabbed this grainy shot so she will always remember it.  I can’t believe she’s getting so big, and how fast time is going.

Even though my little son was up last night and I’m exhausted today – I would gladly freeze time for the chance to keep them both little. In a heartbeat.


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