the smell of summer

We’re hosting a BBQ for a few neighbors today and I’m so excited. There is something about hosting neighbors that is much less stressful than hosting friends that don’t live near you!  Maybe it’s just more casual since we’re hanging out in each other’s backyards anyway?  I don’t know…but I’m extremely relaxed about it even though I know I have a lot to do between now and 4.30.

I feel like I’ve been enjoying this summer more than the last few for some reason.  Maybe it’s because my kids are starting to get older and I’m realizing how fast time is going by. I love that our days are longer, our weekends are a little less busy, and we have summer vacations planned. Throw in park visits and splash pads and what more could you want?

It’s sort of in the air…that smell.  Of fresh cut grass, sunscreen, the occasional burger being grilled. If you stop and pause what you’re doing, you can really tell that summer is here.  I plan to enjoy my days as much as possible. Living in Michigan, I know that although we have a beautiful Fall season that will be here in a few months, it won’t be nice and “summery” like it is now.

Happy Summer everyone!

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