problem solving

It’s amazing to me how these little brains think.  And, every once in a while, I learn a lesson from watching them.

I can’t even keep track of how many times I’ve said to my daughter “no honey I don’t think that will work” – when sure enough, it does.  Or even to my two year old son – “I don’t think that will fit in there” and sure enough it does. They have persistence. They keep trying.

As an adult, I often give up. If I’m tired, if it’s not worth pushing, if it causes conflict – I just decide it’s not worth it. And I guess that’s okay. My husband is better at this – he’s a pretty persistent guy. If we have a problem, he seeks out creative solutions and it’s boxed in by the normal confines of how something should be done.

Kids start problem solving early – and the first time they do it, we’re always like “wow that was smart of them!” I think we as adults can watch these little teachers and learn too. Sometimes there are creative ways to get to what we want.

are we done? or do we want another?

This is what my husband sprung on me in the midst of a TV show. I don’t even remember what we were watching.  The kids were both in bed so we were having our nightly “date” to catch up on a show when the house was quiet.

I have to admit, I’ve thought about it. C just turned 2, and S is 5 1/2.  It seems like the last few years just flew by. But every time I thought about it, I just couldn’t see starting all over. Both hubby and I are in our 40s, and admittedly the sleepless nights were much harder with #2 than #1.

But, every time I asked myself this question, I also though how nice it would be to have a little one again. That baby that makes those sweet cooing sounds – sounds I would never hear from my kids again as they grew older.  My oldest is even too big to carry (but I still do at times). But, I didn’t think my husband was asking himself the same question, so I was shocked when he verbalized it to me. I thought for sure we were done. A family of 4 and a dog.

So that made me really think.  Are we? Or do we want a third?

It’s still on my mind. We sort of ended that conversation agreeing that we didn’t think we could handle it. That it would be too hard for S and C with us already being pretty tired. If we were 10 years younger…we would.

But then I woke up this morning and thought about it again (obviously). How do we know…I mean really know, when our family is complete?

Why is it so hard to RSVP?

I came across this post on the Love What Matters Facebook page. And my heart broke.

It’s a mom talking about the importance of RSVP’ing to kids birthday parties. And I completely agree with her. I’ve been there….you send out invites to your child’s classroom of 24 and you get 4 people that RSVP. Then you wonder, are only 4 people coming? Did the rest not get their invites? Should I plan for a few more just in case they show up? How many kids should I make favor bags for? Is my kid going to have enough friends at her party?

Although in this post, the mom in the video is also talking about parents who chose not to send their kids to the party of a special needs child; the other parents also didn’t have the courtesy to RSVP. So the party mom had zero kids show up. Zero. I just don’t get it.

My kids may not make every party we are invited to. But anyone that sends me an invite will always know if they can count on us joining in the fun or not!


This was what dinner looked like today for little C. A stacking game. But, who cares? When you have little ones, you sort of realize that messes and play are all a part of it. So he took his three bowls and stacked and unstacked. Stacked and unstacked. And while he did, he ate every morsel of his spaghetti, green beans and strawberries.

Decent amount of clean-up….but again, who cares?

disney cruise…with kids


We just returned from the most amazing trip.  I’ll write more about some details/tips later, but I am so amazed that WE DID IT!  Anyone that has traveled with two small kids knows it is no walk in the park. There are those amazing moments when your kids faces light up and you realize it’s all worth it. Then, there are those moments when both kids are screaming, you didn’t sleep well because the youngest kept trying to climb over the bedrail in the middle of the night, and you wonder, should we have waited a year?

I’m glad we didn’t.

This picture above is from Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island. It was the last stop on our one-week cruise and it was the most amazing part. That hammock right there? I got to lay on it (after nearly falling out twice trying to get in) while my kids played in the sand and water. The water is SO shallow – S could go out all the way to the rope and it was only up to her hips at high tide.

So for anyone considering a Disney cruise – do it!  I’ll write more later. But for anyone thinking through family vacation plans on a Sunday morning like today, it’s well worth it.

Now off to unpack and do laundry!

there really is no strategy in parenting

Posting for the daily prompt challenge and I realized, I have no strategy.

I mean don’t get me wrong…I want to ensure my kids are healthy; that they’re being raised to be kind people, help others, and that they do well in school. That they think about their future and how they can contribute to society.

But I don’t have a strategy.

I read a lot; I talk mommyhood with fellow parents.  I try to gather as much information as I can, in order to make the decision that is best for my family. But as far as what sports they will play? That’s up to them (I rotate my kids in activities so they can pick the one that is the best fit for them. Plus, they’re nearly 2 and nearly 5 1/2, so still early). What sorts of careers I will nudge them towards? That’s up to them. I’ll make sure to discuss pros and cons with them when the time comes. How to deal with today’s meltdown? Again, I read tips and see what works.  How to make them eat their veggies? I’ve learned to negotiate. 🙂

I guess it’s not as much not having a strategy; as I write this, seems my approach is to gather the info and then do what works best for my kids.  Is that a strategy? Maybe it is!

via Daily Prompt: Strategy

Taking a moment

I was little absent for a bit. I found myself a little overwhelmed with the holidays (we host Thanksgiving for my family), planning our winter vacation, and getting ready for Christmas. Work was also ramping up as the year came to an end. 

So I found I had to narrow down what I spent my time on – and unfortunately some of those things were my hobbies and the time I take for myself. But I knew it was temporary, so that was okay!

I feel more balanced now – and not like I’m behind on life. Phew!